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DSI Foods has been serving meal components to first class sectors of major international airlines and premium retail customers since 1995. Our ethos is to produce authentic food unrivalled for quality and consistency at competitive prices.

The heart of our business

A selection of the customers we've proudly served since 1995.

Providing Airline, Retail and Canapés.

Airline Catering. The core of our business. Airline catering, with an emphasis on special meals is at the heart of what we do at DSI Foods.
Retail Catering. DSI Foods proudly provides meals and meal components to finest distributors in the UK retail market.
The Canapés of London. Our in-house brand Canapeum provides innovative and stunning hand-made canapés. Please click on the logo to visit our dedicated website.
Your saviour when hunger strikes! Our in-house brand Chef Tom's provides a great snack when you’re on the go.

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